45 mins

Born in Toronto and raised in Winnipeg, Scott Nolan hasn’t been without an instrument in his hands as far back as he can remember. His efforts in several bands, including Leaderhouse and Motel 75, soon directed him toward a strong solo career that has secured him in a place in the ranks of the country’s finest songwriters and performers.

Scott’s cousin Patrick Nolan grew up in the Toronto Irish neighbourhood of Cabbage town. Patrick was the eldest of five children in a violent household. His father abandoned the family early in Patrick’s life. Soon after, his mother took her own life, leaving the children alone and abandoned. Patrick took to the streets, by the age of sixteen alcohol, drugs, and boy’s homes led Patrick to an assault charge and a three year prison term. This set the course to a life outside the law. Within a few years Patrick murdered a man in California and was sentenced to life. Visiting Day takes us on a journey to Folsom Prison and explores how Scott Nolan’s cousin Patrick influenced his life and his songwriting from behind prison walls.

Awards & Mentions

Visiting Day - Yorkton Film Festival - Best Arts & Culture

Konofilms Director - Charles Konowal